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Underground Utilities, Site Work, Demolitions, and Trucking

            Whether it is prepping the job site for a new shopping center, or providing water service to your home, we here at Robert Clancy Contracting believe that our results speak for themselves. Through consistently conducting business for over 20 years in a manner which places integrity, accountability, and the customer first, we are confident that we can ensure that your next construction project is a success.


About Us

Robert Clancy Contracting was founded in 1997 by Robert and Christine Clancy. Upon inception Clancy Contracting consisted of a GMC Suburban (which served as an office), five employees, one dump truck, and a rented bulldozer and excavator. Since that time, Robert Clancy Contracting has grown into a company consisting of over 30 employees, 35 pieces of heavy equipment 8 semis, a 10000 square foot shop, and 5000 square feet of office space.

Although major growth has occurred across the company, values which Clancy Contracting was founded upon remain the same:

  1. Act with integrity both on and off the job site

  2. Hold yourself and co-workers accountable for both good and bad occurrences

  3. Place the needs of the customer first


We hope that you will consider Robert Clancy Contracting for your next construction project and look forward to working with you.


Robert Clancy Contracting specializes in the following areas:​

Underground utilities and excavation

Storm sewer and water detention / retention systems

Sanitary sewer, grease interceptors, etc.

Water service (commercial or residential)

Site Work

Site preparation and mass earthworks / grading  using the most recent Trimble Software and equipment


Precise, organized, and clean demolitions


10 yard tandem dump trucks

30 yard quad axel leads

50 yard gravel trains

Heavy equipment mobilization 

Dirt Construction Site



TEL: 586-725-8801  | RCC@robertclancycontracting.com

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